IPhone Users Love That Mobile Web

관심 2008. 11. 6. 11:06

IPhone Users Love That Mobile Web

The last thing anyone wants to do is to give iPhone users another chance to crow about their phone’s slick interface and seamless connection to the Web. But, until now, little was known about the media habits of iPhone users and how they have diverged from the activities of mere mortals who own run-of-the mill smartphones and regular mobile phones.

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Tuesday, M:Metrics, a measurement firm that studies mobile media, has released a survey of iPhone users six months after the device was released to long lines and nearly unending fanfare.

The results, from a January survey of more than 10,000 adults, are somewhat dramatic. 84.8 percent of iPhone users report accessing news and information from the hand-held device. That compares to 13.1 percent of the overall mobile phone market and 58.2 percent of total smartphone owners – which include those poor saps with BlackBerries and devices that run Windows.

The study found that 58.6 percent of iPhone users visited a search engine on their phones, compared with 37 percent of smartphone users in general and a scant 6.1 percent of mobile phone users.

The market for mobile video once seemed like a nonstarter in the United States. Well, 30.9 percent of iPhone users have tuned into mobile TV or a video clip from their phone, more than double the percentage that have watched on a smartphone.

Finally, 74.1 percent of iPhone users listen to music on their iTunes-equipped devices. Only 27.9 percent of smartphone users listen to music on their phones and 6.7 percent of the overall mobile-phone-toting public listens to music on their mobile devices.

Mark Donovan, an analyst at M:Metrics, says a major factor in the iPhone’s success as a media platform can be credited to AT&T and its unlimited data plan for iPhone users. “Once you take away the uncertainty of data charging, you really incentivize people to use the device,” he said.

But then he gushes about the iPhone, sounding a lot like another dyed-in-the-wool iPhone convert (which, he concedes, he is.) “Apple really made a device that is Internet-centric and really fits the kind of digital lifestyle that a lot of people who are jacked into the Internet all the time are used to,” he said. “They did a great job of crushing some of the sweet spots of mobile Internet usage.”

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나는 Regular mobile phone을 가지고 있고,
AT&T가 아닌 Verizon을 전화가 잘터진다는 이유만으로 고수하고 있는 한 사람으로써,
Slick한 iPhone을 들고 거리를 걸으며 필요할때 인터넷을 하고 싶은 욕구는 가지고 있으나
실용적이고 싼가격에 그냥 안주해버리는 나는
역시나 Baby Boomers에 속하는가.

그래도 한국에 있을때는 참으로 최신 기계에 민감했던 나이지만, 이상하게 여기서는 돈도 아깝고, 실용적인 것만 찾아서 살게된다.
그래도 소심하게 iPod Touch사긴 했지만 것도 Refurbished 된걸로 샀지만,
한국처럼 무선랜이 마음것 잡히는게 아니라 또 이게 동영상 다운받아 보는거 말고는 무용지물이고...
아... 뭐가 이래.

여튼, 모바일 웹은 앞으로 어떻게 흘러갈 것인가. ...