Freeloader Vote Goes for Un-American

여행/라이프 in NYC 2008. 11. 6. 12:52

Freeloader Vote Goes for Un-American

Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 Election Day Party

Published: November 05, 2008

The Event: Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 Election Day Party
The Date: Nov. 4, 2008
The Venue: The Park, New York
The Crowd: Media buyers and ad sales clients, plus junior pundits and various MTV Networks executives
The Celebs: Actors like Ethan Hawke, Seann William Scott, Gina Gershon, and Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski of "30 Rock" made the rounds, as did the "Daily Show" news team: Rob Riggle, Kristen Schaal, Larry Wilmore and John Oliver among them.
The Food: Two varieties. "Un-American," featuring dishes like "elitist mixed-green salad" and "The $150,000 Dream Wardrobe Steak"; and "Pro-American," with all the pizza, mini-burgers, and mac and cheese you could eat.
The Drinks: Party attendees had their choice of the Blue State, which was blue curacao and Sprite, or the Red State, a Shirley Temple spiked with vodka.
The Swag: None readily available, but commemorative Indecision 2008 T-shirts and Subway gift cards were given out as prizes for anyone who played Indecision Plinko and won the most points.
Indecision 2008 invite

"Yes we can!" That was Freeloader's response when Comedy Central called to see if we could come to its Indecision 2008 party, where political satire and "pro-American" jokes promised to be just as frequent as feverish nail-biting during poll results.

Hosted at The Park in New York's Meatpacking District, a venue known and named for its vast patio, the party doubled as an election carnival, complete with Indecision-branded slot machines, photo booths and Plinko boards, much to the extreme delight of this "Price Is Right"-obsessed Freeloader.

Although trays of sickeningly sweet Red State and Blue State cocktails were in steady supply, Freeloader kicked off our election booze with champagne, the only drink we saw fit to toast a historic election night -- outcome be damned. Then we moved on to nibble on some margherita pizza from the "Pro-American" section of the buffet, with a side of "Un-American" elitist mixed-green salad and $150,000 Dream Wardrobe Steak. Freeloader is a nonpartisan party-crasher, but we must admit we preferred the steak-salad combo over the comparatively bland margherita pizza. And we were disappointed the snack table didn't have any spicy-sweet Doritos, sponsor of Stephen Colbert's failed run for candidacy last year.

Freeloader next swung by the game room, where we excitedly challenged our party date to a heated match of Indecision Plinko. For those unfamiliar, Plinko consists solely of dropping oversized discs -- reminiscent more of shuffleboard pucks than poker chips -- down a large pegboard, only to land in a box that could be worth up to 250 points. It can provide endless entertainment for fans of gravity, luck and counting. Anyway, after three rounds of overtime to break our tied scores, Freeloader lost to our purple-dressed date, who graciously donated her prize to us as a consolation.

But just like John McCain, Freeloader took the loss graciously, and hopped into the Indecision Photo Booth for six animated snapshots to commemorate an otherwise ecstatic election evening. We may have lost Plinko, but a confused "When are they going to take the picture?" photo-booth shot lasts forever.