Fashion Inspires Art In Central Park

여행/라이프 in NYC 2008. 10. 26. 05:35
Chanel's Mobile Art Container Opens at Central Park
역시 샤넬이야.

The building will be in the Central Park near 72nd Street through November 9th.
늦기전에 가자가자!  Let's Go!!!!!!!

Clips from New York Magazin.
Art exhibit is free to the public. (공짜란다. 세상에 공짜는 없다는데, 이건 기회다. 으흐흐)
The building was designed by the architect Zaha Hadid.
Inside there're pecies of art commision by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel.
To comemorate 50th Anniversary of 255 handbag.

Clip by The Wall Street Journal.
역시 보는 시간의 차이는 있군. :) 무슨 소리하는지 나도 잘 몰라. 이히히